Take your chances at fermented fame and glory in our amateur ferment competition! 
Enter your favourite fermented foods and beverages in our judged competition. Prizes for the winners! 

Fill out the form below and bring your ferments to the festival August 19th. Get your entries in by 12, winners will be announced by 3PM.
Beverage entries maximum 1Litre
Fermented food entries minimum 250 ml, maximum 500 ml

Entries must be authentically fermented!

Name *
(Enter in multiple categories, 3 entries per category, per person please.) 1. Sauerkraut and Kimchi 2. Fermented beverages - Non Alcoholic (Kombucha, Jun, Kefir, Sodas, Kvass etc...) 3. Fermented Beverages - Alcoholic (19 plus, Wine, beer, mead, cider etc..) 4. Brined Vegetables (Cucumber pickles, beans , carrots etc...) 5. Any other ferment (Show us what you've got!)